Regional Symbols

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Liberalia has many regional symbols, most notably the regional flag, which depicts the Winged Lion of St. Mark, and the Mistletoe, representing the foundation of the region in truth, and the Christmas Revolution. The following symbols are also adopted by the region.

Regional Animal: The Winged Lion Regional Plant: Mistletoe Regional Motto: “Liberate unanimus pro mundi beneficio” Official Currency: The Liber (current short-form is “L” but this may change) Civil Capital: Bahía Esmerelda

[edit] Regional Anthem

A regional anthem written by Haelhan is currently in place, but may be replaced.

“O Liberalia O Liberalia How do you stand so tall When tyranny surrounds you The winged lion stabs its heart O Liberalia O Liberalia How do you stand so tall”

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